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  • Fuego en Castilla (Tactilvisión del páramo del espanto)
  • Paradise
  • Oh! My Mother
  • Computer Movie No.2
  • For the First Time

Short Films Watchlist

469 films

movies to add to letterboxd

-las sicoldelicas -Issey Miyake Moves -lifetime guarantee

Watched and Removed: Before 2019

Oddly (2009) Catnip…

  • Blood Type: Blue
  • Psycho Santa
  • One Hell of a Christmas
  • Don't Open Till Christmas
  • Jack Frost 2: The Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

//📦📦📦🥡📦🥡📦📦📦📦🎁🥡🥡📦📦📦☃️ (post-christmas) ;(://the mirage);:;.,,//🎅🏻

142 films

A mix of Holiday/Christmas/Snowy/Winter-y/Seasonal movies. An ongoing watchlist kind of.

Not on Letterboxd...

*Retro Christmas Classics Vol.2 (SWV) *Christmas in…

  • Dandy Dust
  • Dr. Caligari
  • Vegas in Space
  • Split
  • Shredder Orpheus

Neon Boogers

67 films

Fluorescent celluloid orgy electric potato starch slime quixotic medallion pizza babies dazzling shadow magical unicorn jizzim tapestry of felted vulgarity…

  • Veerana
  • Papi Gudia
  • The Darkness
  • Junoon
  • Ammoru

Bollywood Bloodbath

116 films

Indian Horror Masterlist

  • The Gardener
  • Legend of Sudsakorn
  • Scales: Mermaids Are Real
  • Totem
  • The Prince, The Witch, and The Mermaid

Ξblue porcelain fan: Jade//ice//Ocean// ☁

68 films

Gentle water Malibu Dream blue pottery/china/porcelain hands. Hands forming fans. The antique store above the stone horse sells treasures from…

  • Good Morning, Mr. Orwell
  • Urgh! A Music War
  • Beyond Ultra Violence: Uneasy Listening by Merzbow
  • Jandek on Corwood
  • Brion Gysin's Dreamachine

Uneasy Listening

411 films

Concerts, Documentaries, Video Comps, the works. Stuff I love and others I want to see. These just came to mind,…

  • The Party
  • Despertaferro
  • Gioco di seduzione
  • The Yum Yums: The Day Things Went Sour
  • Electra

☀ fashion Girls///Romanxxx☹☹☹

69 films

every girl has a pure inner world, and the beautiful dream! ok, let's begin from here.

  • Vision d'une Schizophrene
  • Cyberdelia
  • Odyssey
  • Magic Eye The Video
  • Moodtapes: Whispering Waters


21 films

Dr. Devious Presents: Drugz on eBay (spec) Illuminated Chakras: FOR KIDS! (spec)

The Book.


  • Perceval
  • Moonshadow
  • Gnomes
  • The Man Who Planted Trees
  • Alone in the Wilderness Part II

♜ Paw Paw Witch ♜

54 films

country cabin, soft western, folk art, gentle dads, warm bread, wide open spaces. Grampa Witch. Teddy Bears welcome.

  • The Most Beautiful Stories of the Easter Bunny
  • Scruffy
  • Nice Cats
  • Bearobics
  • Willy Fog In a Journey to the Center of the Earth

Generic Cartoon Tapes

107 films

Every day is Saturday Morning at this Jo-Ann Fabric. Every space is liminal in Sylvester’s head (hand drawn for PS1))…

  • Golden Horns
  • The Scarlet Flower
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Matryoshka & Boletus

148 films

Russian Fantastika Eastern Europe Germany

Fairy Tales Fantasy Kid Friendly Sci-Fi

  • Touch Me in the Morning
  • In Our Garden
  • Monkey
  • The Date Movie
  • Writer

Hobo Jungles & Other Dimensions: The Films of Giuseppe Andrews

70 films

I need to watch all of these films. I made this list for my own research but thought others may…