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  • The Black Sea

    The Black Sea


    Eat shit #3
    The whole movie is just 5 people arguing and being fake to each other. Then when something does happen you dont get a conclusion. It's just five stupid people in a house trying to have a nice weekend. Lame dont watch. You can save yourself by just watching Jerry Springer or Maury and you will at least get more a action that way.

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    A little bit too long, but still quite enjoyable. I love how the first two acts really pull you in for a kids adventure and the final act hits you hard with a single parent living week to week in Disneyland fucked up world. Again the first and second acts are so great just seeing the world from the children viewpoint. I mean when you a child nothing can hurt you, your bulletproof. Everything you do is done without caution…

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  • The Biggest Little Farm

    The Biggest Little Farm


    Can't tell you anything about this movie because I fell asleep in the first 30. When I did wake up somebody was dying and I really didn't care. People love shit like this but not me. Rich white folks bitching about how they can't make a living owning a damn farm. Mfer it's people than can't make a everyday living and don't bitch this much. They got this big ass farm and bitching about animals. I just don't get it. Give me movie about poor people trying to buy and make a farm is something I want to see.

  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man


    I can legit say the second time around was fucking great. I caught it the best possible format before flying anyway close to where it was actually showing in. This is the best way to catch this movie. If you see it anywhere else and in any different format you are cheating yourself. Its gorgeous to look at. The water, the gun fire, the 3d was actually good, the explosions, the colors. This is a very beautiful movie. Seeing it…