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  • Bad Blood: The Movie

    Bad Blood: The Movie


    It's gory as hell and the story is kinda good but disjointed plots and some bad acting keep it from going over three. I give it a pass and not put it on the this aint the one list but barely.

  • Haunting on Fraternity Row

    Haunting on Fraternity Row


    Project X, paranormal activity and can't hardly wait all mixed into one small package. It's not great but it is a good entry into the FF world.

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  • Level 16

    Level 16


    These bitches tripping, man if I could take a pill that made my ass sleep through the night. Fuck it im in.

  • The Biggest Little Farm

    The Biggest Little Farm


    Can't tell you anything about this movie because I fell asleep in the first 30. When I did wake up somebody was dying and I really didn't care. People love shit like this but not me. Rich white folks bitching about how they can't make a living owning a damn farm. Mfer it's people than can't make a everyday living and don't bitch this much. They got this big ass farm and bitching about animals. I just don't get it. Give me movie about poor people trying to buy and make a farm is something I want to see.