The Master

The Master ★★★★½

I can remember the only reason I downloaded tubi was because the master was streaming on it. That was about two years ago. It left and just came back. So what the hell I've seen enough trash horror today, time to get some greens in. Its wild to think that I actually read the book based on his religion or so called. It does make some sense but its all wild crazy talk. I do believe we are all connected at some point and in some way. Was this a movie about dodd life? Was it a movie about quill? I think it was about connections we make and fears that we let take us over and get in our way from living a good life. I do love the relationship between dodd and quill, not many people find that. Dodd states that he remembers him from somewhere but just can remember it. Then when it hit him he tell him that they were together sending news a while back and that if he leaves now its over. He doesn't ever want to see him again and if he sees him whether it be now or in another life that he would be his sworn enemy. That bit and the song I lost it. It was a great ending to a great film. You can tell Hoffman lost it too cause he did the head shake and then the camera changed.

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