From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★

I remember watching this all those years ago with no idea what lay ahead. Somehow spoilers eluded me for which I can only be thankful.
It still works now, a fantastic first half playing as a crime caper of murderous intent, and the second? Well I didn't see that coming back then and even now it is just a clusterfuck of awesome.
The performances are good with The Cloon showing early signs of the cool he would use to devastating effect in Out of Sight and the Oceans movies. Harvey Keitel is his usual quality self as you would expect and Quentin Tarantino is brilliantly creepy as Richie Gecko. I'm sure QT has a foot fetish. He concentrates on feet a lot in his films (Yes, I know this isn't his film per say but I'm sure he had some influence).
This is a goodun.

P.s. Salma Hayak as Satanico Pandemonium. Yes please. Even if she is an evil vampire thingy. Back in '96 that was the moment a million teenage boys exploded in........well, you catch my drift I'm sure.

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