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  • State Like Sleep

    State Like Sleep


    The festival isn’t over, but I’m calling it now: State Like Sleep (4.5/5) is the best film in competition at Tribeca. It’s not even a fair fight. Tonally hovering somewhere between Blade Runner and In The Mood For Love, Meredith Danluck’s debut feature is a dreamy, synth-infused meditation on grief and the pain of letting go. Not the letting go of people, per se, but of the thirst for hindsight rationality — that gnawing urge to trace tidy narrative arcs…

  • Blue Night

    Blue Night


    When I signed up for the Tribeca film festival, I had no idea what the lineup would be. But, based on prior years, I had a hand-wavey sense of the brand: shoestring-budget indie flicks, filmed primarily on location in some metropolitan area, following one or two characters (and virtually nobody else) as they navigate an emotional journey that is, outwardly, invisible. It’s the sort of film where a synopsis tells you virtually nothing, optimally viewed with either A) a rapt…

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  • Dirty Grandpa

    Dirty Grandpa


    Letterboxd Missed Connections, 01/24/16, San Francisco, California

    To the young white male with the hoodie and plug earrings who sat behind me during Dirty Grandpa.

    You probably don't remember me, but we both attended today's 4:50 pm showing at the Century Cinemas on Market St. I sat in row 11 or so, slightly to the left. You sat in row 14, dead center. I believe you came alone, though you seem to believe you were surrounded by friends. You had…

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    I hold many films close to my heart, but it rarely matters if others agree. If you don’t like Boyhood, I totally get it: I can see aspects of myself that wouldn’t like it either. If you find Wes Anderson too precious, that’s your prerogative: I have a blast indulging in his whimsy, but I have no desire to defend it. Some things, though, hit me in a deeper place. Eternal Sunshine. The Before series. Lost In Translation. If you…