Lucy ★½

There’s a thin line between “awesomely ridiculous B movie” and “absolute waste of time”. Actually, a few thin lines. Namely, the ones that spell out the director name on the movie poster.

Everyone agrees that Lucy was really, REALLY stupid. Critics are saying it’s “enthusiastically silly” and “powers through its logical gaps”, but I didn’t get the “we need to assume this is a winking nod to the audience, because we love this guy” memo. With cringe-inducing faux science that couldn’t be bothered to be consistent even within its own fantastical framework, open-mic-night-at-your-local-improv-club levels of robotic acting, and a “stylish” left-field ending that should alienate the only people who were on board for the prior hour of stupidity, I thought it was terrible. Granted, it was terrible in more interesting ways than most terrible movies, and apparently it has some campy appeal somewhere. Just not here. Maybe as an Artificial Intelligence researcher, I'm incapable of suspending disbelief. Or maybe the film was crap.