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  • The High Note

    The High Note


    Although the story seems like another variation of A Star Is Born or a hybrid of the plotline for becoming an entertainment success in Los Angeles, I found the movie entertaining enough. It's definitely worth renting for a relaxing afternoon viewing. Just do not expect the story to be life-changing or pack an emotional gut punch.

  • Max Winslow and The House of Secrets

    Max Winslow and The House of Secrets


    For a family-friendly movie, I found it to be pleasantly enjoyable to watch. Its plot blends the elements of a teen drama, an escape room, and an academic competition. It then adds Alexa Voice Control and a slight dash of science fiction for a bit of fun. Do you remember Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One? I briefly thought about that movie while watching this one. There are numerous similarities in both stories, such as a competition among a group of…

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  • Becky



    "Becky" is a horror movie that shows us what would happen if Kevin McCallister from "Home Alone" turns out to be an angry teenage girl and the villains are a group of escaped convicts with racial prejudices instead of being a bumbling pair of small-time robbers. Some of the booby traps that are set up by the titular character are geared toward producing horrifically graphic results, which will appease the delight of the horror movie fans who sit down to…

  • Adam



    Solid points are given for the acting performances overall from a broad perspective, even though there are performances from a couple of fully-abled actors who are portraying characters with paraplegic or quadriplegic limitations. The story is a crapshoot that hits on a few tropes along the way. The main character is a rising star in his career until an ill fortune accident that leaves him in physical disarray while his supposed love interest immediately hits a metaphorical brick wall as…