14 Cameras

So, I cannot believe I decided to watch this sequel movie right after I just mentioned the first movie sucked pretty bad. And there should be no surprise the follow-up story is just as bad and with bigger flair. The only upside that I enjoyed about 14 Cameras is the appearance of Amber Midthunder because she was in Legion on FX and I love that show. Well, this movie is a repeat of the same old story about a creepy landlord who loves to spy on the tenants of his rented out property with the use of well placed hidden security cameras. The burning question that I would like to have answered would be how the creepy old dude obtained the start money to buy all the property and video equipment to get started with his criminal hobby. He's got the personality and possible mental capacity of a stump of wood, but just enough ingenuity to get everything set up and running with an endless cash flow from prospective renters. But where did he get the money and the capital to get started in the first place?!