30 Days of Night ★★

I like the overall concept of the story for the movie. What better way for vampires to rule with a long period of time with very little interruption than in a town so far away from the equator where there will be long stretches of time without any sunlight? The concept is a great idea, but its execution for the movie kind of fizzled out. The far northern town was too small and rural where the local heroes seemed a bit in too far over their heads and struggled to fight a battle against the army of vampires. I struggled for a bit in really cheering for any of the leading characters, even when one of them makes the ultimate sacrifice I could not really empathize with the person. I just could not find any kind of connection with the characters beyond the passive action of watching them fulfill their mission to the conclusion of the story. Meh, maybe I will watch it again someday when it is playing for the one-thousandth time on cable television or somewhere on another video streaming service.