Abigail ★★★½

I will be going against the current in regards to my reaction after watching this movie. I enjoyed it. Yes, it is true. A lot of other people have labeled it as cheap trash written for female teenagers, but I saw it as a cool Russian Steampunk story about a teenager who wants to rescue her dad from a government ordered imprisonment. She has her good intentions and purpose, she seeks out to accomplish her mission, and then follows a path of self-discovery along the way. It is not without its flaws, such as the cheesy hair and wig design for some of the actors or the badly directed vocal dubs for the English translation. I surprised myself in how much I accepted the movie for its flaws and enjoyed the experience of watching it from the beginning to the end. It was quaint and fun. Not often do we get to experience a live action Steampunk movie that actually has a mid-sized(ish) budget for production design and special effects. The final product of this movie is a large step of improvement over the made for television attempts at niche entertainment that have an extremely shallow budget and a short timeline for production.