Batman: Soul of the Dragon ★★★

Here is another installment in a string of feature-length animated films from DC Comics and Warner Brothers Animation starring America's favorite gothic caped crusader. I mostly enjoyed watching this movie, especially when I compare it to a few of the other recent animated movie releases that occur within the DC Universe. A few personal observations from my initial viewing of Soul of the Dragon would be as follows. Act One: James Bond, Act Two: Enter the Dragon, and Act Three: Bury the Lead. Is the movie supposed to be about an ensemble cast of characters? Or an emphasis on a lead character or two? The title alone is referring to the names of two people. As the story begins, it switches between these two main characters. But then it starts adding several others into the mix, and that is when I wonder if I should be focusing on the success of the group dynamics or the individual characters. The movie is a modest tale that borrows from the style of other franchise films. I like it but would not be placing it on my list of absolute favorites.