Bill & Ted Face the Music ★★½

Sure thing they should have just kept the series to the first two movies and not have made a third movie for the purpose of banking on our feelings of nostalgia. With that being said it is still good to see Bill and Ted on the big screen again. And their daughters? Well, it was not exactly the best path to have taken during the building of a continuative story. Bill and Ted are already a caricature duo, but their two daughters are extreme caricatures of a pair of caricatures. Have you ever held up a mirror facing another mirror and then view the infinite reflections between the two of them? Yep, the daughters are kind of a manifestation of that infinite mirror trick. I would imagine it could have been implied that the actresses were told to mimic the personas of Bill and Ted as if they were in a "Freaky Friday" spoof written for a comedy skit show like Saturday Night Live or maybe for Funny or Die. My given rating for this movie is purely for the goofiness of the movie and the fun little trip of nostalgia, but there is not very much more meat in the story of the movie to really delve into and truly enjoy. I suggest go in with low expectations and you might have a chance of enjoying it as a fleeting moment of goofy fun.