Black Sunday ★★★½

While watching the movie, I could not help but think it is a blend of the Spaghetti Western genre and a Hammer Film production. But it was produced and released before either format really hit their own stride in the mid-60s to the late 70s. I enjoyed the overly dramatic mood and the dark visual style of this movie. The story is a bit basic, but that is okay though. I did not have high expectations when I started watching the movie. So by its end, I walked away with nothing lost. I do appreciate the production decision to shoot it with black and white film stock. The visual effects utilize the dark shadows to hide certain visual tricks that will surprise and impress the audience. For example, the dark spaces hide the split-screen so one actor can appear on-screen as two characters. There are other wonderful little moments of visual effects relying on the use of shadows. But I do not want to spoil anything for those who may not have watched this movie yet.