Collective ★★★★½

Wow, it is a sad and disheartening path for many of the people involved in this story. I do not fully remember the incident of the Colectiv nightclub fire when it occurred in 2015. I vaguely remember seeing it covered on the television news here in America. But I did not give any close attention to the details of the story at the time. While watching this documentary, I was sad to observe how equally corrupt the politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate managers can be throughout the world. That is the common thread of observation to observe. And it is surprising to see that a Romanian publication that primarily focuses on sports news would be the organization to initially cover the political and corporate corruption concerning the medical response for the burn victims from the nightclub fire. This documentary is about a real-life incident. It reminds me of all the dramatic movies about other true events when a news organization unravels political and corporate corruption at the expense of the citizens. It is absolutely mind-blowing to see these issues are still ongoing and will probably not disappear anytime soon.