Den of Thieves ★★★½

For a Gerard Butler action movie, this one is entertaining and fun. Maybe it could be attributed to being a heist movie, which is a genre I usually enjoy. I think Butler might be trying to outpace Liam Neeson for appearing in a high count of action movies produced by a North American company. Den of Thieves is entertaining and decently put together. It tries to be a modern wild west story. The outlaws are townies instead of traveling rustlers, and they want to rob the local Federal Reserve branch instead of the Wells Fargo stagecoach. One of their biggest hurdles in accomplishing their plan would be the local sheriff, who is very rough around the edges and clearly flawed. I actually enjoyed the movie a bit more when viewing it as an American western rewrapped as a present-day heist movie. Even during >the driving audition scene, they use a Ford Mustang as the vehicle of choice for Donnie to demonstrate his driving skills. A car with the name of a horse breed. I know it is a stretch to make the connection back to the Wild West days, but come and join me on this bit of fun. It might give you a new perspective while watching the movie.