Luce ★★★

The catalyst for the plot of the movie's story is rather disheartening. A high school teacher is able to wedge a large discord of mistrust between one of her students and his parents simply by a shallow claim of character assassination. She assumes he harbors evil intentions after reading an essay about violence and a controversial political figure, even though the written article was created at her request and he refutes to harbor any ill will towards others. Then she tries to grapple for any evidence at all to support her claim of his ill intent to impose harm upon other people. Her behavior creates a shadow of doubt in the mind of his mother. Could he really be a conniving and evil person as the teacher insinuates? It is the nightmare scenario of every real-life scenario between the He Said, She Said battle that could unravel between school administration and the parents of the students. What frustrates me while I was watching the movie would be to see how quickly the mom starts to fall apart. She has known her own son for a much longer period of time than the teacher has known him. Almost immediately after hearing the teacher's story about the written essay and the discovery of illegal fireworks in the student's locker the mother's actions immediately swerve over into showing a belief for what the teacher has to say. It takes the remainder of the movie for the mother to realize how quickly she had dismantled trust in her own son before she turns back around to start building trust in her son's truth again. A shameful story, really. However, it is a scenario that could very easily occur in every school town throughout the country, if not the entire world.