Sleepaway Camp ★★

Completely campy and corny of a movie and completely filled with over the top acting by some of the performers. The mom's performance is completely over the top that she will definitely not be going to win an accolade from any honorable performance academy. And then there is the extremely blatant pedophile working as a head cook at a youth camp and the general manager of the camp who physically abuses one of the campers who he believes is a serial killer. These two things could be the creepiest thing about the entire movie. That would be saying more than plenty about the overall context of the movie given the course of how it plays out and even ends with a "shocking" conclusion. A lot of sexuality is just gushing from every possible situation in this movie, which is surprisingly odd for a movie in a horror genre that is known for taking great pleasure in showing topless women and numerous scenes with horny teenagers who would like nothing more than to have sex before they die.