Superman: Man of Tomorrow ★★★

The "origin" story that begins the movie is fast-tracked right into Superman kicking butt and trying to take names. It's fun to see Lobo appear as his vulgar self but quickly is sidelined by Parasite's appearance. The story briefly dips into preaching about the evil of xenophobia a few times over the course of the movie before it quickly returns right back over to the action sequences. The interactions between Lois and Clark / Superman appear to be a bit rough around the edges. She seems to be written a bit too narrowminded for the movie and comes across as overeager to always want to get a big scoop on anything and everything instead of trying to build a long-lasting relationship with anyone around her who could help maintain a continuous flow of information for her news articles. And I cannot believe I am saying this but Clark comes across in this story as being too naive with his Boy Scout persona for a large portion of the movie until the very end when he suddenly does a complete pivot by giving Lois the "cold shoulder" and delaying their interview for her news article. The story itself is decent, but a bit more mediocre, I guess. Maybe it could be worth watching a second time, but I don't think it's worth spending too much time watching it over and over again.