Vivarium ★★★½

Oh my gosh! The story and the tone of this movie could easily fit right into the realm of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits television programs. Even though the general reaction from several other viewers is mostly dissatisfaction at its drawn out run time, I honestly enjoyed the movie. Sure thing, it could have been trimmed down to a thirty-minute short film and still deliver the intent and dramatic punch of the story's message. The context and tone of the movie are horrific when viewed as a social commentary about the contemporary herd mentality of modern society that suggests we should all settle down and build a quaint nest egg of the ideal nuclear family in a cookie-cutter suburb. No, thank you. There are some aspects of life that could be more ideal and fulfilling when they are substituted for a different alternative from what everyone else is conforming to do just because it is considered normal behavior for everyone.