• The Machine

    The Machine


    It is a fun movie, but not heartily funny. The original story is told in about ten minutes long. And this movie adds a bunch of family drama as filler. I appreciated it more as an action movie than a comedy.

  • The Old Way

    The Old Way


    I am enjoying the post-Hollywood version of Nicolas Cage. He is more restrained and not over the top as often anymore. I also miss traditional Westerns. I like The Old Way because it combines low-key Nicolas Cage and the Western genre. I will have to return for a second viewing just for the hell of it.

  • Devil Beneath

    Devil Beneath


    I enjoyed the movie for what it is at face value. It is a simple story about a grizzly monster terrorizing a group of young adults in rural Australia. I am happy to watch a 90-minute creature feature as long as it keeps me entertained. I am sad this movie is a condensed edit from a two-hour version released in Australia years ago.

  • Children of the Corn

    Children of the Corn


    It is okay. The maze monster is cheesy because the production must have a tiny budget for the special effects to create it. I am not entirely impressed by this adaptation of the story. Watching it passed the time on a rainy afternoon.

  • Johnny & Clyde

    Johnny & Clyde

    Megan Fox needs to hire a new talent agent. Her current one is hooking her up with one good movie for every six bad ones. This movie is spawned from a low-bar script written by someone who most likely earned a barely passable grade in creative writing class.

  • Supercell



    Twister Lite with a side of world-famous huevos rancheros.

  • Fear



    The COVID-19 pandemic has infiltrated more mainstream horror movies than it should have. This movie is another lame attempt at utilizing the coronavirus as a tool for scaring people. I will prefer watching the early works of George Romero. The original Night of the Living Dead and The Crazies are increasingly better than this movie.

  • Hypnotic



    I was surprised to hear there was a new movie from Robert Rodriguez until a few days before it was released in theaters. I went into the viewing without prior knowledge of the story, which is usually for the best in most cases. From a science fiction perspective, I appreciate the intent of the story presented in the movie. But it feels to be hitting the same notes we have seen before. It will help pass the time on a lazy day off. But keep your expectations within arm's reach.

  • Ponyo



    This is such a cute movie about innocent childhood love and friendship. It is pitted against the humourous backstory of the adults who aged out of their childhood innocence. Even as an adult, I enjoyed the movie.

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    By this point, I believe that Ari Aster is long-winded with his storytelling. But geez, Louise! He knows how to match up wack-job characters with actors who perform at 110%.

  • Return of the Jedi

    Return of the Jedi


    What I like about the original Star Wars trilogy is each installment feels like a self-contained episode in a very short television series. It sucks that George Lucas decided to redo many edits and visual effects in the original three movies with modern CGI effects and random inserts of actors who did not appear until the later installments in the series. Regardless of the alterations, it is still fun to go back and re-watch Return of the Jedi for the sake of simple enjoyment.

  • Neverknock



    Cheeseball C-grade basic cable horror movie fare. Mind you, though. I always appreciate Canadian actors Jodelle Ferland and Nicholas Campbell.