Aliens ★★★★★

The Most Confusing Sequel Name of Them All

35mm at the Parkway Theater. First off let me say I like this film, it is a great loud ridiculous 80s action movie full of one liners but I don’t think it is as good as the original Alien. Alien is a tense nightmarish horror movie about being trapped in a space ship with an unstoppable killing machine where this is a rootin’ tootin’ machine gun shootin’ action movie that reduces the perfect organism unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality into another 80s action movie bullet sponge. It is an excellent 80s action movie full of sweaty testosterone oozing soldiers with big guns and all the subtly of a tail lance through Lance Henriksen’s chest, I mean come on his fate is right there in the name it is like naming your kid Hippo-Snack and being surprised by the accident at the zoo. I had a lot of fun watching this on the big screen with a lively audience. My favorite bit of audience participation was when they are roughing up Paul Reiser and a woman in the audience shouts, ‘Fuck Him Up!’. His demise got the second loudest cheer after, ‘Stay Away From Her, You Bitch!’. I do love how lazy they were with his character, when he is on the space station he’s wearing an off the rack suit with the collar popped then when he is in space with everybody else in space outfits he’s in a padded vest and a flannel shirt like he just escaped from an LL Bean catalog. They basically admit from the start we know he’s evil, you know he’s evil, and we know you know so let’s just remove all doubt and make him a space yuppie. This is a movie that needs to be watched on the big screen with a lively audience. 80s movies were made with the theater and a boisterous audience in mind to paper over the rough bits with the energy of the audience. I enjoyed it more on the big screen than I have watching it at home in a long time. It is a great fun movie but not on the same level as Alien to me.

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