Stranger Than Paradise

Jim Jarmusch has a skill at making very simple yet adorable movies that leave a trace on the viewer

‘Stranger than Paradise’ is a very naïve early movie that has lots of flaws, but it hard to resist the charm. Willie, Eddie and Eva are strange and quirky, but it’s hard to forget them now

Even with such modest financing Jarmusch manages to create a beautiful, at times picturesque b&w movie that curls you in a warm cover during a warm vacation evening

The three actors are as anti-mainstream as possible, ‘I put a spell on you’ song is not leaving my head soon, aunt Lotte and her swearing is adorable.

All in all, the movie creates an atmosphere of let down expectations, if not shattered to pieces. Distant America is not welcoming, moreover, looks like Budapest. The food is bad, and the sports are weird. In this unfriendly environment the bond and chemistry between the three characters on-screen is much easier to believe and understand. And despite all the background sadness, this is actually very life-assuring

Nah, I don’t remember the joke. But it’s funny