Color Out of Space ★★★½

This is one freaky horror thrill! The mood is unsettling from start (cinematography & music being very good in this regard) and there is a decent amount of development dedicated to the family dynamic which makes the atmospheric, extraterrestrial terror that follows all the more effective. But perhaps the most striking aspect was that the movie exercises visual restraint in it approach, even as it became more outlandish or gonzo (whether it be by the director's choice or budget limitations). Nicolas Cage is almost equally measured in his performance as the family man trying to hold it together but occasionally unleashing his "Cage" madness in bursts (fitting very well with the context of the story). On the negative side, there isn't much meat to the story as it takes a mostly predicable path, overall performances can be a bit uneven and some visuals don't hold up to scrutiny but this is a solid watch to spook your senses. - 7.5/10 (B)

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