Favorite films

  • All About My Mother
  • Love Streams
  • A Special Day
  • Sunset Boulevard

Recent activity

  • Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey


  • Indian Horse


  • George Carlin: Playin' with Your Head

  • Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man


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  • Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

    Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man


    I have to confess, I skipped over half of the performances, some of them were just unbearable! 😩

  • George Carlin's American Dream

    George Carlin's American Dream


    "It’s the American view that everything has to keep climbing: productivity, profits, even comedy. No time for reflection. No time to contract before another expansion. No time to grow up. No time to fuck up. No time to learn from your mistakes. But that notion goes against nature, which is cyclical."

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