Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★

The 10 stages of me watching the nearly 3 hour long Doctor Sleep 

1-  The movie is starting. It is the opening Saturday of this major movie and there are less than 20 people here
2- Hello, I’m not Shelly Duvall
3-  Rebecca Ferguson certainly is doing an accent!
4- So we’re just jumping ahead and skipping all the Shrek references huh? Trash
5-  A guy just says “Hey nineteen”. For the next 3 hours I have Steely Dan stuck in my head 
6.  So you’re just going to cast that person in that role and make me watch all of that happen over and over again to them??I cried
7- It’s hour 2 now and the movie is wearing on me. The muscle in my leg I pulled when I tried to catch a carton of falling French fries yesterday is aching
8. The audience has fully checked out now. Everyone is either thrashing in their seats or on their phones 
9. The people involved in this must be so mad that Ready Player One came out and did their whole “back at the Overlook” thing first
10.  Well that ending was... disappointing

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