Midsommar ★★★★★

Did I meticulously plan my 5th viewing so it would officially be my birthday by the second half of the movie?  Of course I did! 

It’s weird to think that 4 weeks ago I didn’t even know if I liked this when I first saw it. Now it’s the reason I finally understand how people get protective over their favorite films. Don’t get me wrong I get why people don’t like this movie (special shout-out to the couple who bounced after the “mating” scene!) but I think for myself it’s as close to perfect as a movie can be.

For people who have experienced immense grief, this film is pure emotional catharsis. Seeing a character like Dani, someone who has shared experiences with familial loss so close to my own, openly has panic attacks, anxiety, depression, PTSD. It’s the closest I have seen to seeing myself on screen  and it’s more meaningful than I can put into words. 

Anyways sorry this was a sad nonsensical essay but if you actually read it thank you!

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