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  • Neon Bull

    Neon Bull


    Watched at home alone via MUBI.

    Meandering and plotless, at times frustratingly so, but engaging and different and beautiful enough to be enjoyable. It's my first film by this director and it makes me want to see his other work.

  • The Deadly Affair

    The Deadly Affair


    Watched with my partner via Criterion Channel.

    Solid and engaging spy drama from a Le Carré novel starring James Mason. It has flaws, but its charms and intrigue are greater and this is a fine film worth checking out.

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  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks


    Watched at home via Amazon digital rental with my partner.

    I've seen shorts by this filmmaking duo, and a friend recommended this feature by them. It's one of the strongest ultra-low budget comedies I've seen in a long while. The satire is savage. The editing is really inventive and strong, playing along with the strength of the performances that makes it feel like a force of nature work. Really strong, even when it's familiar.

  • American Hustle

    American Hustle


    Watched at home alone on blu-ray.

    I don't think I had appreciated before what an elaborate plate-spinning accomplishment this film is. At its heights it is really something special, with vivid characters trying to maneuver in complicated ways. Brilliant performances. Too many needle-drops for my taste, and some of the fictionalization seems to be less interesting than the true story, but this is a pretty terrific and entertaining film.