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  • Widows


    Watched on DCP in theater with my partner.

    My expectations were high for a sociologically influenced heist movie directed by Steve McQueen. Aside from the exterior driving long-take, this is directed in a bland way. The heist itself is pretty uninteresting, and the social commentary is sort of fine without being insightful or exciting. It's not bad, but a "not bad" film from McQueen is a disappointment.

  • Roma


    Watched on DCP in theater alone.

    Really good. I didn't think it was among the best films of the year, but it's definitely very good, even if its territory is kind of well worn.

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  • The Killer Is Loose

    The Killer Is Loose

    Watched at home alone on blu-ray.

    Early on in this film that I acquired on blu-ray, I realized I had scene it before, but hadn't remember when I bid on the eBay auction for the disc. It's better than I previously gave it credit for. I can't help but admire the ruthless efficiency of the direction. However, the last part of the film, which hinges on the insufferably selfish naivete of the cop's wife, and in the end the police…

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk

    Watched alone on DCP in theater.

    It didn't slay me, but it's really good and I really love the kind of filmmaking Jenkins is doing. Mood, character, and subtle emotion are what drive this fatalistic story. It's slow and not plot-heavy, but there are so many sublime moments to forgive the less than sublime ones.