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  • The Train

    The Train

    Watched at home on blu-ray with a friend.

    Watching a bad Frankenheimer film made me want to see a good one, and this one did not disappoint. A big-budget suspense potboiler, full of grit and grime, and lots of practical spectacle that is exciting to see because of the knowledge that it that shit really did smash into that other shit for the film--it's not a digital effect. The Twilight Time blu-ray looked decent and I'm glad I bought it.

  • The Fourth War

    The Fourth War

    Watched at home alone on blu-ray.

    Weak Frankenheimer.

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  • On The Rocks

    On The Rocks

    Watched at home via Amazon digital rental with Ameni.

    I've seen shorts by this filmmaking duo, and a friend recommended this feature by them. It's one of the strongest ultra-low budget comedies I've seen in a long while. The satire is savage. The editing is really inventive and strong, playing along with the strength of the performances that makes it feel like a force of nature work. Really strong, even when it's familiar.

  • Blackhat


    Blu-ray at home alone.

    Quite enjoyable, disposable, straight-faced globetrotting actioner from Michael Mann. It's recognizably his kind of film in all the best ways. I even forgave the casting of Chris Hemsworth, whom I don't enjoy watching.

    From the trailer, I focused more on the "imprisoned hacker recruited to stop a mega-hack" plot and Hemsworth and was immediately done with the film. Even finding out that it was Mann's film didn't make me perk up much, because I really disliked…