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  • City of Gold

    City of Gold

    Watched via Hulu at home after a bbq the night of July 4 with my partner, full of beer. Fireworks were going off quite a bit outside and we paused this to go out and look at some of them.

    This is an excellent "why LA is great" doc. Gold is highly readable and is both amusing and exciting. He's a fascinating person too, as it turns out. The movie made me nostalgic for my present.

    However, after an hour…

  • Dry Summer

    Dry Summer

    Watched at home alone on blu-ray.

    Pretty stunning and fascinating. This is the best of the World Cinema Foundation Volume 1 box set. Worthy of sharing with others. Full of fascinating bits of advanced cinema, and a fascinatingly raw and sensually passionate bit of melodrama.

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  • On The Rocks

    On The Rocks

    Watched at home via Amazon digital rental with Ameni.

    I've seen shorts by this filmmaking duo, and a friend recommended this feature by them. It's one of the strongest ultra-low budget comedies I've seen in a long while. The satire is savage. The editing is really inventive and strong, playing along with the strength of the performances that makes it feel like a force of nature work. Really strong, even when it's familiar.

  • Ain't Them Bodies Saints

    Ain't Them Bodies Saints

    MUBI via iPad while at work. Watched start to finish w/o breaks.

    Feels competent, and at times very pretty, but in a bland, forgettable way. It ends not quite how you think it will, but close enough. That the thing holding this film together is this deep, outlaw, lasting love is bit of a tired trope for me. Everything felt very low stakes, and it was hard to be interested in these characters. Its genre elements failed to excite me.…