Midsommar ★★★

To be honest, with how rude most of these people are, I think they had what was coming to them.

It's a very different movie from Hereditary. For all of its unique oddness, it still relied heavily on supernatural shocks and effective jump scares. Midsommar Is going for this atmospheric dread, but I just don't think it fully works. Once the most shocking thing that relies a little too heavily on graphic gore has happened an hour in, you're prepared for anything else the film can throw at you, however fucked up it gets.

Obviously, it's more about grief, loss, and shitty relationships than some silly festival for weirdo Europeans. If you're going into it expecting a traditional horror movie you'll no doubt be severely disappointed. The most effective part is the first ten minutes, which nearly made me stop watching, not because it was bad, but because it felt like a little too much for me to handle.

I did like this, but like Hereditary, I'm still not feeling any of the Ari Aster hype. Neither movie quite has the punch I had expected from other people's reviews. His films are interesting, and I was fully expecting to finish watching this and complain about its 140 minute length, but it actually felt about right. (I have no doubt that the director's cut would be too much for me) There's moments of brilliance and striking imagery, but something about the way the story is told leaves me feeling a little unsatisfied, even with that great final shot of Florence Pugh.

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