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  • Crimson Gold

    Crimson Gold


    Taxi Driver for Iran's post-war with Iraq generation.

    Crimson Gold is an intriguing and compelling and unfortunately all too rare look at Tehran's underbelly. The 1990s in Iran brought with it massive and unprecedented economic growth, but the trauma of the war with Iraq and the undealt with economic inequality gave way to an atmosphere of dread and ideological malaise under the Rafsanjani administration.

    Hossein is one of these traumatized and forgotten men of the war, left behind by his…

  • The Salvation

    The Salvation


    A very enjoyable modern western that sets itself apart with its unique backstory for its characters and the uncompromising brutality shown on screen. Old women, the disabled, children, all can and will be killed on-screen while begging for their lives. There are also some great battle scenes and gang member kills in here from Mads.

    The film is weighed down though by it being too ambitious for its own good, with all the money seemingly spent on getting Mads Mikkelsen…

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  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    how bad is your fucking movie when you keep bringing up during the viewing that the original red dawn did this part better and did this part more subtly

  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn


    A very competently made propaganda film but also unbelievably xenophobic and vile.

    The message of the film is that it is ultimately honorable to be bloodthirsty, murderous, and unmerciful, even stating openly that you're about to violate the Geneva Conventions and you don't care, when you're an American faced against a formidable enemy. Films are never obligated to have moral protagonists, but when the film is so preachy, is so sure of the goodness of its own characters, then the…