Death Proof ★★★

After my disappointment in the first half of the Grindhouse double feature, “Planet Terror”, I decided I would finally watch the Tarantino directed half and it was definitely better, but still not great. I honestly don’t know what the main story line was but when do you ever really get a straightforward story from Tarantino? The acting was decent, but nothing spectacular, Kurt Russell gave the best performance. This movie really focused on Tarantinos style as a director, complex dialogue, close up bare *womens* feet, overly gory scenes and more. This movie gave an interesting twist on the car genre, but really didn’t focus on that. I liked all the nods to some of Tarantinos other work, especially Kill Bill. Really don’t plan on rewatching this, but if you like Tarantino, give it a watch and hey, maybe you’ll like it.

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