Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★½

Rate: 88%
What a great movie. The perfect mix of video games, romance, comedy and action. The story is very unique, telling a romance story through video game style action sequences. The story although having 7 similar parts, never felt repetitive or boring, it always felt like a brand new idea. The acting was great especially from Michael Cera, he played his usual quirky, socially awkward kid amazingly in this movie. Now on to the show stealer, the effects, oh my fucking god these are AMAZING, adding in tons of video game style effects to the fights and even the little effects while the band is playing or people are talking all were a huge part of this movie and are a big part of why this is so unique. Edgar Wright did movie in the best way possible, we didn’t overdo anything, it all felt like the perfect amount, not too much comedy, not too many effects, not too much romance, it was just right. The soundtrack being full of video game sound effects, video game style themes and action music was amazing. This is a movie I would totally watch with my friends in the future and I think you should too. If you like video games or just want a fun movie to watch, watch this movie.

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