The Hateful Eight ★★★½

This was definitely too long. The story was great, a bunch of people trapped in one house during a blizzard and many facts of the circumstances just didn’t add up. I loved how Tarantino used his complex dialogue and characters to tell the story in this movie instead of really any action. Every single character had a back story that led into some part of the main plot line which really made it interesting to watch. The acting really led this movie with the best performance coming from Samuel L Jackson who was charismatic and comedic as ever. I also liked how Tarantino hid many little aspects to what the final chapter reveals throughout the entire film. The pacing is pretty slow but most of the time, the characters made up for that, but 30ish minutes could definitely have been cut off of it. The ending is awesome with all the Tarantino gore and blood, definitely worth the wait. The soundtrack was great as always with some really good tracks on it. After seeing all the clues to the ending, I’ll have to rewatch this sometime and see if I can spot all of them throughout. If you like Tarantino, give this a watch if you’re willing to sit through some boringish parts, otherwise this might not be a movie for you, but I still recommend it.

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