Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly ★★★★½

Rate: 90%
A great look at Travis Scotts life and the creation/impact of Astroworld. I really liked how they spliced together clips from Jacks childhood and current clips along with clips from early on in his career. This allowed us to watch him from an early age and then follow him up through his career until now. We got to see his relationship with Kylie and his daughter Stormi Webster, which was also really cool. Another thing that wasn’t in the media as much was his impact on the city of Houston, he gave them a festival that made everyone know they are loved and gave them one hell of a show. One awesome thing was when we got to see his creation of songs like “Stop Trying to Be God”, “No Bystanders”, “Sicko Mode”, and “Butterfly Effect” being songs that I listen to all the time, it was cool seeing the process of how these came to be, from the beat, to the lyrics to the features. If you like Travis Scott or just hip-hop in general, give this documentary a watch as it is really good.

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