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  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


    First of all, this movie gets more hate than it should. Its got most of the Indiana Jones flare to it but it is still missing something, I just can't tell what. The one big thing that I liked about the original Indiana Jones trilogy was that every movie was based on some historical item or event but in this one, they added a science fiction aspect to the whole thing that just didn't resonate with me. To me, Indiana…

  • Shrek the Third

    Shrek the Third


    This movie never really needed to be made, but hey, its fun and has a ton of great scenes. The whole siege of Far Far Away is a lot of fun to watch and has some great action sequences. The whole cast does a great job with their voice acting. Animation has definitely improved since the first movie, making this movie more visually appealing. Its Shrek, what did you expect? A long review? Well no, here it is. If you…

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Theme Month #3 December 2019
    Task: #9 Watch a sci-fi drama.
    Progress: 25/31

    I was a fan of the original Blade Runner movie so I was pretty excited to watch this one. However, I found it extremely boring and lacking in a few places. Lets start with the good, the visual effects and CGI in this movie are incredible. They crafted holograms that looked extremely real and an advanced civilization that looked and felt like it could have been a…

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas


    How the Grinch Stole Christmas is another Christmas movie that I have been watching my entire life. It's a great, yet horrible adaptation of Dr. Seuss' book. Jim Carrey is hilarious as The Grinch, I'm surprised he gave such a good performance given that he was put through hell just to get the makeup on. The story is another unique Christmas story that over the years has been redone over and over again, but at the time of its release,…

  • Hacksaw Ridge

    Hacksaw Ridge


    Theme Month #3 December 2019
    Task #5 Watch a war drama.
    Progress: 9/31

    The first hour of this movie sucks. Its just Andrew Garfield with a god awful accent. Like seriously, how can someone screw up an accent so bad that I wanted to claw my ears off? I almost turned my TV off, this movie was so terrible for the first half. But once it got to the actual war, the movie became much more entertaining. The true story…

  • The Master

    The Master


    Theme Month #3 December 2019
    Task #8 Watch a drama starring Joaquin Phoenix
    Progress: 7/31

    The Master is a very intriguing movie. We watch as a man who has created a new religion, helps a mentally impaired man through his problems. Joaquin Phoenix's performance is amazing, he transforms into every single character that he plays and this movie is no different, he truly becomes Freddie Quell. Phillip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) also has an amazing performance, he plays the role of…

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    Theme Month #2 November 2019
    Task #16 Watch one of the Disney made Star Wars movies.
    Progress: 29/30

    While I was very much against a sequel series being made, I have to admit, Disney did a fairly good job with it. While The Force Awakens isn't anything amazing, its an entertaining film. With Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher returning both with great performances and Daisy Ridley and John Boyega joining the cast made for some great acting. The story, while…

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace


    Theme Month #2 November 2019
    Task #4 Watch a sci-fi that takes place in outer space.
    Progress: 24/30

    While most find this movie as one of the worst Star Wars movies, I actually find it semi-enjoyable to watch. Don't get me wrong, its got its faults, a lot of them, but hey it's entertaining. Lets start with the good. The intro is really cool and we get to see some epic Jedi action right off the bat. And Liam Neeson,…

  • Westworld



    Theme Month #2 November 2019
    Task #23 Watch a sci-fi that was released before 1980.
    Progress: 20/30

    Being a fan of the TV show of the same name, I was really excited to watch Westworld. I knew it would be different from the show, but it was EXTREMELY different, the only main similarity was Delos being the company that runs the park. However, it was an entertaining movie nonetheless, it starts off with introducing us to how the park and…

  • Frozen II

    Frozen II


    Frozen 2, while not being as exciting as its predecessor, is a lot of fun. Frozen 2 was a movie that I never thought was needed. I felt that the ending of the first one was perfect and we didn't need any more. But we got Frozen 2 anyways, and it was very entertaining. The music wasn't nearly as good as the first but it still gets stuck in your head and has you humming it the whole way home…

  • Mad Max

    Mad Max


    Theme Month #2 November 2019
    Task #26 Watch a Mad Max movie.
    Progress: 12/30

    This movie was hard to follow. Entertaining, but honestly kind of confusing. I read the synopsis beforehand which may be the reason why it is confusing but, the synopsis states that the movie follows Max going on a rampage after his whole family is murdered, but from what I got out of it, thats not what happened. The thing that gives this movie the rating that…

  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


    Theme Month #2 November 2019
    Task #7 Watch a sci-fi comedy.
    Progress: 4/31

    That was a funny movie baby. Austin Powers might just be the most charismatic character to ever reach the big screen. He is just so out there, everything about him is just funny. Like so over the top stupid that its genuinely quite funny. That's basically the entire movie, just humor, so many different aspects of humor but that's pretty much all it is. There is a…