Black Girl ★★★★

A young adult in Dakar is thrilled to be hired by white people for there are consistent wages in it, and when she chooses to join the couple in their move back to the French Riviera this will also, in theory, provide the eponymous Senegalese Black Girl a chance to experience France. Self-esteem for Diouana (Mbissine Thérèse Diop) dissolves as she begins to feel cramped and to have self-identity stripped away from her in this new setting. Diouana may be earning bourgeois money, but director Ousmane Sembène shrewdly communicates the idea that she is a controlled slave in this new alienated environment. Tactfully told at 65 minutes, racism rears its ugly head fast, but what’s disquieting is not just how the white matriarch is a super bitch… it’s that she’s too eerily familiar to the super bitch Karens we’ve come across in 2020, fifty-four years after the birth of this film.

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