WALL·E ★★★★

Sublimely animated Pixar classic that gives its’ protagonist robot an expressive, emotional life. Funny too is his bric-a-brac home that’s an elegy to Earth past — a souvenir museum for a home. Our Short-Circuit-meets-Anthropomorphic-R2D2 robot has a fastidious way of doing things that’s cute and more human than human. Also, rarely has a song lifted from another movie been more effective; it’s the waltzy-melody from “Hello, Dolly” on the telly; it’s so swirling in euphoria that it helps give the illusion our protagonist actually has a heart underneath the metal.

The early scenes of an Earth dustbowl done in dialogue-free scenes has always been a widespread favorite of Wall-E, but I’ve always been tickled by the obsessive-compulsive order of things in the outer space sequences — the comic and suspense timing is both Chaplin-esque and DePalma-esque as we watch tech-dependent obese culture fall over on themselves as they try to right the ship (however, it is a little too slam-bang for my light family-friendly movie tastes). Lastly, the love story between Wall-E and an unprogrammed-for-love robot named EVE works, it works so well that after the world itself has been junked the only thing genuine left we have to believe in is the learned love between these two nifty trash compactors. Directed by Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo,” “John Carter”).

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