Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

It's great on every level of film. The acting is sublime, beautiful cinematography, witty and hilarious screenplay that shifts gears with ease, soundtrack, and a wonderful period set. There are two other categories I haven't mentioned, sound design and editing. Maybe it's the score for a Oscar-nom that's making me notice the sound, but it was terrific. It sounded as if you were there and matched the editing perfectly. Speaking of the editing, many people call this a fault of the film because they didn't cut the film's non-essential 15-minute closing, but it's up there with any Oscar-nom.

Tarantino cut each scene with purpose, letting you see what you need to see. He evoked so much emotion with each cut. Whether it was to show a; shocked, crying, smiling, crying, etc. face, it felt like you were there in the room with the characters. The slo-mo effect rarely works for me, but it was perfect here. Another thing that usually doesn't work in films is the use of flashbacks, but his use of a high contrast filter made it incredibly engaging (which was more so Robert Richardson's cinematography).

Beautiful is the word to describe this film. That's all I have to say.

This may also have my favorite soundtrack (non-original) of all-time. The use of non-period music is shockingly terrific. Even Rick Ross' 100 Black Coffins (and I don't like rap) was terrific; and the first shootout's use of Payback gave me chills.

Christoph Waltz is climbing into my favorite actors list. Absolutely terrific here as Dr. King Shultz. Samuel L. Jackson is incredibly entertaining and is quite terrifying as well because of what his character is and his master (Leo) is impeccable in the role of the main antagonist. Each character connects so well with each other, it only proves that the Oscars should add a Best Ensemble category.

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