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  • Free Guy

    Free Guy


    Ease up on the whole villainising people who enjoy violent video games there buster. This runs into the 'Sid from Toy Story' problem where you can't really say that a person is immoral for being violent to in-animate objects. Also a game set in a utopian world is utterly contradictory to the fundamental purpose of a video game. Games are about problem solving and there are no problems to solve in a perfect world. I'm overthinking all of this obviously.…

  • Men



    Some very striking imagery here but in service of what? Fairly simplistic themes that you can fully process before the first act is over, leaving things just so slightly stagnated as you progress through the rest of the film. Jessie Buckley has a solid backstory that kicks this off with a thematically intriguing thrust, yet the narrative only manages to uninterestingly re-iterate that same point which was already perfectly communicated during the early stages of the film.

    ...Additionally, seeing all…

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