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  • Mandy



    This is the first mainstream film in which all of the assemblages of the retro callback genre have been surpassed to such an extent as to convert the era itself into a palette for the artist's (re)vision, in which the director has paced himself a step quicker (the previous film would be unscathed by complexities of patience at 40 mins or so, or at least a warning after the trailer was that slammingly genius and intense), in which the Frankenstein monster of references gleefully killed its scientist.

  • mother!



    Imagine a public stupid enough to receive the original Texas Chainsaw solely as an allegory against eating meat (because there is a widespread, handheld, nightmare platform of social reward brownie points drawing a treasure map with your dopamine), a populace with such piss poor regard for what they have just experienced in a theater versus what they pettily intellectualize afterward (including what the director/writer might say postpartum on his platforms) - well, here we horrifyingly are. If somebody plucks their tongue out and hands it to you for a present, the hidden message is: just take the fucking thing!

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  • White God

    White God


    Like a Roy Andersson film repaced by Duel era Spielberg with the bubba-version insurrection the trailer for Our Day Will Come hinted at.

  • Penn & Teller Get Killed

    Penn & Teller Get Killed


    Has everyone who stuck his thumb into a review of this film pulled it from an ass too big for its britches, forgetting to mention that the ending is so good nothing occurring beforehand could possibly ruin the whole encounter? Perhaps if the setup was condensed to half an hour and the final gag exaggerated further, in a nearly sixty minute plateauing absurdity, this wold be the ballsiest and best American film ever produced.