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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    Improves on a repeat viewing, I reckon.

  • Attack the Block

    Attack the Block


    To be honest, I only really watched this because Jodie Whittaker is in it. That and for someone reason I was expecting this to be like a British indie version of Super 8. It is probably decent, but wasn't really my kind of thing. Wouldn't re-watch it. Thankfully it's quite short cos I had difficulty finding interesting things about it, also kinda found the main characters quite fucking annoying.

    Watch Super 8, it's better.

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  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    If you don't know Jurassic Park, you don't know shit.

    Fucking weird but really enjoyable.

    Like, Paul Dano can act like Mary Elizabeth Winstead so well it's amazing.

    This is a film that everyone needs to see. I don't even care if you hate it, you just have to experience it.

  • Dunkirk



    I feel bad saying that this isn't Nolan's best, but then this is the guy who gave us Memento and The Prestige, so for him the bar has been set pretty high.

    Dunkirk really does seem to favour the setting and the events it's depicting as a storytelling device instead of developing any of the characters. The English civilians were not too bad but some of the soldiers were barely distinguishable sometimes.

    Hans Zimmer yet again provides a glorious score…