The King ★★★★

The King, for me showcases all that is golden and positive about modern cinema. We're pretty much at the point where a David Michod film is so distinctive you can tell from a distance that his fingertips are all over it, his style being somewhat of sparseness wonderment in his visual story telling. Adam Arkapaw is so fundamental in helping create Michod's vision and the results are pretty special, it's hard to describe but its like a rural wonderland captured on film whilst Nicholas Britell sprinkles his fairy dust on top.

Technically the film really excels and under Michod's direction we get fantastic performances from Joel Edgerton (never better) Timothee Chalamet (continuing to rise and is always spellbinding to watch) and Robert Pattinson is proving he's one of the best on the planet. The 2 hour 20 minute ebbs and flows giving room to the story to naturally take its course which make sense in time. The battle scene was fantastic and the claustrophobic elements of the battle is felt right up until a riveting ending involving his right hand man and his lady to be.

I enjoyed this version that Michod and Edgerton brought together.

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