Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½


I'll be real, this sucks pretty bad. Opening credits were dope and the first hour-ish was pretty fun, but jesus christ is this too long. The film feels so directionless and disjointed, which is pretty clearly a byproduct of all the re-edits and such in post that apparently took place. It never really finds a through-line narratively and ends up being a mess that's trying to go in way too many directions at once. The zombie mythology especially feels so needless and adds nothing whatsoever to the film. The characters are all not much better than cardboard, and their deaths come with such expectation that they carry no weight. The gore isn't even particularly interesting, and the overall style is quite messy. The shallow focus is an interesting choice, but it's cut through by the lighting and composition of the frames -- half the time I can't see a goddamn thing that's happening. Anyways, this was a mess and while there's a decent, but average, 90-minute zombie flick in here somewhere, this ended up being 148-minutes which kills all hopes of entertainment or pacing. It's a slog to get through and though I was amused for a short period of time, it ended up pretty unbearable. Really rough watch; don't recommend this.

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