Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Spiral: From the Book of Saw ★★★


First movie in theatres in quite a bit so that may be of some influence here, but goddamn this a serious banger. To note the obvious, the political aspects have no idea what they're saying and ultimately end up saying "not all cops" and with the jigsaw clone portrayed as the villain, so I cannot say this is ACAB cannon even though it does address some issues in some capacity. Anyways though, this is a crime drama in structure as opposed to the rest of the Saw franchise, and it works really well. The story is compelling the whole way through, and the traps pop the fuck off after whatever the fuck happened with Jigsaw. Not as much violence as I'm used to, but when it's used, it's used well. The ending is more than obvious, but I don't care; when you throw The Music on top of it, I stop caring about anything else. Maybe I'll go crazy and watch this in theatres again, who knows? It slaps.

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