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  • Filmworker



    Interesting but unspectacular.

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    Brilliantly bizarre and hilarious.

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  • Glass



    After loving Unbreakable and thinking Split was much better than it got credit for I was prepared to love this and talk about how crazy the critics are. I am astonished at how poor this movie was, I may be over rating it. These characters never belonged in a film together, tonally this film is a disaster. The script is terrible, really amounts to just two hours of exposition. None of the characters are given even a moment to just be characters. I am really disappointed.

  • Gravity



    "Gravity is an experiment in minimalist blockbuster film making."-Sound On Sight podcast

    I heard this quote just a few minutes after leaving the theater, and I love it. First off I love it because it is true and secondly I love it because Gravity succeeds in a big way. Gravity proves that you can make a big budget film,with movie stars, that relies more on aesthetics than narrative, and that movie can be original, entertaining, and bottom line awesome. Gravity…