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  • Torn Curtain

    Torn Curtain


    Feels like every movie buff has that Hitch hidden gem that people never mention anymore. Torn Curtain looks like it just may be that for me. I love everything about this film. Beautiful to look at and two great leads. I think the story flows very nicely, being tense but never getting silly like I feel some of his other political thrillers do. Probably the best kill in any Hitch film not called Psycho. Once again his table setting is second to none and this film is brimming with interesting characters. Many of whom only get a couple scenes but bring lasting impact. Great film.

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


    Everything is there for this to be just another solid Fincher pulp thriller. The atmosphere, cinematography, score, and casting are all Fincher-esque in a good way. This story just couldn't be less compelling for me. The main problem for me is I really don't get a great sense of what Lisbeth was born out of, and I really think the film is more than okay with how she violently handles her plight. Maybe I am being a hypocrite because I…

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  • Gravity



    "Gravity is an experiment in minimalist blockbuster film making."-Sound On Sight podcast

    I heard this quote just a few minutes after leaving the theater, and I love it. First off I love it because it is true and secondly I love it because Gravity succeeds in a big way. Gravity proves that you can make a big budget film,with movie stars, that relies more on aesthetics than narrative, and that movie can be original, entertaining, and bottom line awesome. Gravity…

  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    I almost didn't go see Edge Of Tomorrow in the theater. I had trailer burn out from the number of times I was subjected to the trailer for this movie. The first time I saw it I thought it could be good, then came the next dozen times. I heard the "Sci-fi Groundhog Day" talk and I was about as disinterested as I could get. Thankfully the tomato meter and some twitter buzz brought me back around. I was able…