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  • Chappaquiddick



    I didn't love this but it is the type of film that definitely hits my pleasure points. I love a good political thriller and this is one whose story I was only vaguely familiar with which made it pretty interesting. It is also a well crafted film and stars Jason Clarke. Actors rarely get me into a theater anymore with their presence alone but Clarke is one of a small handful that can almost do that. I don't know why…

  • Mean Streets

    Mean Streets


    This is my second time watching Mean Streets and boy oh boy I love this film. This is the Scorsese that I think most of us fanboys appreciate so much. Just down and dirty with the worst of the criminal element. I love all the characters in this. Keitel feels like the same ezct character from Who's Knocking At My Door. I love that, because he is so much more fleshed out here.

    What struck me watching it this time…

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  • Gravity



    "Gravity is an experiment in minimalist blockbuster film making."-Sound On Sight podcast

    I heard this quote just a few minutes after leaving the theater, and I love it. First off I love it because it is true and secondly I love it because Gravity succeeds in a big way. Gravity proves that you can make a big budget film,with movie stars, that relies more on aesthetics than narrative, and that movie can be original, entertaining, and bottom line awesome. Gravity…

  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    I almost didn't go see Edge Of Tomorrow in the theater. I had trailer burn out from the number of times I was subjected to the trailer for this movie. The first time I saw it I thought it could be good, then came the next dozen times. I heard the "Sci-fi Groundhog Day" talk and I was about as disinterested as I could get. Thankfully the tomato meter and some twitter buzz brought me back around. I was able…