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  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    It feels wrong to say this about something so ingrained in pop culture and which has resonated for so long after release, but I was bored for much of this.

    I can totally see why it was such a big deal and a big hit at the time, and I think that plays into why it didn't work for me. Let's talk about expectations - this is exactly the film I thought it would be, but I didn't enjoy it…

  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga


    Eurovision is ripe for a lovingly-treated, comic send up, but despite the manpower and access behind this film, it just doesn't hit the right spot.

    Problems, there are many. For one, there are so many Eurovision in jokes and stars, yet it doesn't stick to it's guns during the big central performance. Why include Cher and Madonna (who has already damaged Eurovision enough, am I right?) in the Abba Waterloo mash-up instead of choosing from the many other Eurovision hits…

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  • The Boys in the Band

    The Boys in the Band


    I read today that filming has wrapped on the remake of The Boys In The Band for Netflix, but it isn't due to be released for another year, presumably to coincide with the 50-year anniversary of the original.
    50 years...
    Let that sink in for a minute.

    I certainly did while watching the original today for the first time. It really serves to highlight just far we've come, and at the same time, just how little things have changed.


  • True History of the Kelly Gang

    True History of the Kelly Gang


    Some gloriously original cinematography (the framing device used throughout resembling the letterbox view from inside the infamous helmet was a nice touch) and an outstanding physical performance from George MacKay, but that's not enough to mask the feeling that the casting feels wrong (being a blond, beardless Brit) and the liberties taken with the story don't do enough to distance it from it's well-trodden territory. The style is there, but I'm just tired of this gloomy, heavy style of Australian cinema.