Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★½

When I first saw the trailer for this, I remember thinking that it looked like Moone Boy, (Chris O'Dowd's irreverent comedy show about a young boy and his imaginary friend) but with Hitler as the imaginary friend. Now that I've watched it I can conclusively report that... It is Moone Boy, but with Hitler as the imaginary friend.
That's not necessarily a bad thing - I love Moone Boy, but I do feel like perhaps it didn't strike me as original as it may have been to others.

I'm not really a fan of films set in non-English speaking countries where actors speak English while feigning a foreign accent, instead of just getting actors who speak the language. Nor am I a fan of 'funny, funny, funny, serious' films, but I guess if you're going to make a comedy about the Holocaust you have to throw some heartbreak in there to counter the funny accents and countless jokes about monstrous Jews.

I'm still a bit unsure about it all - I like the idea of a 'through a child's eyes' perspective, but like so much in this film, it has been done better before, and honestly feels a bit manipulative here. I can see how this is a crowd-pleaser, as there are some sweet moments and some feels and the music swells in the right way in all the right places. There's a big one-liner designed to get the audience cheering (it fell a bit flat in my screening tbh) and I can imagine people coming out of this, going, "It really makes you think!"

It is genuinely funny at times, and it is genuinely uncomfortable at other times. Overall though, I don't think it strikes the correct balance for me.


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