Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla Minus One ★★★★

I feel like I was raised in a civil society, a society where people respected each other's shared experiences. I just really don't know what happened. I'm probably more inclined than most to be irritated by other people in a movie theatre, which is why I attended a Wednesday 9:30 pm screening of Godzilla.

To my surprise, there were quite a few people, including some teenagers who were constantly checking their phones and chatting about... whatever? A couple was open-mouth crunching popcorn through what can only be described as a megaphone.

Most egregiously, a dad walked in 10 minutes late with his two children, who I would guess were aged somewhere between 6 and 9. I was in immediate disbelief. Two children under 10 at a foreign language M-rated movie, showing at 9:30 pm on a Wednesday... his kids, I guess—go for it. Unfortunately, he then proceeded to LOUDLY describe and explain the movie, even verbatim reading subtitles, to his children for the next two hours.

He was on his phone (BRIGHT MODE), chatting with his kids, letting them run around, continuously filling them in about what they missed. Who could blame them for losing concentration at a foreign language Godzilla movie not intended for young children?

This cacophony of disrespect for other people is just unbelievable. I know I'm extrapolating society from a theatre but it really feels like we're losing respect and civility. People are far too comfortable imposing on a space like they own it.

I don't know how we can save the theatrical experience if people don't respect it.

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