The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

The favourite is a whole lot of fun. The film is a darkly comedic portrayal of the reign of Queen Anne centres on a 'love triangle' between Colman's(Queen Anne) relationship with both Weisz(Sarah Churchill aka Lady Marlborough) and Stone(Abigail Hill). The director Yorgos Lanthimos uniquely portrays the differing relationships between each character, continually emphasising the power constructs present within 17th century England. The film is centred from a feminist perspective, albeit, a queen did rule at the time of the film. Lanthimos continually portrays the uncommon historical power dynamics through the unusual camera angles present within the film. The differentiation of types of power is depicted through the accentuation of physical space witnessed in the awkward emphasis of height when the Stone overthrows Weisz power construct. The presence of physical violence incorporated within Colman's character is symbolic of the brutal reign of Queen Anne, further referencing the absolute power of Colman's character. In contrast, Stone and Weisz's characters use wit and knowledge to challenge Colman's rule, referencing the limits of both characters power under the absolute rule. Overall, this film is my favourite in recent memory and it is absolutely worth a watch.

Additional points
- the script is hilarious and arguably the best of 2018. some lines I loved:
- "Did you sleep well?" "Like a shot badger"
- "Did you not sacrifice your cunt to some fatty german to save your father"
- "let's shoot something" "really doing damage to the sky"