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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    Mortal Kombat tries.  The CGI isn’t terrible, and the fight scenes are enjoyably brutal.  Lewis Tan is a good lead (even if his character couldn’t possibly be more lame) but aside from Scorpion and Subzero, the actors they have Tab working with just aren’t doing much with the material.  The actors plays Sonya Blade and Ajax were particularly wooden.  The exception is Josh Lawson, who plays an absolutely batty Kano.  He makes the material work, and chews enough scenery for…

  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse


    Without Remorse is dour, detached, and competently made.  It’s convoluted ending almost prevents the journey from being one worth taking.

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  • The Terminal

    The Terminal


    Medicine for goat!

  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water


    I love this movie.  Good old fashioned adult drama not meant for the kids.  Taylor Sheridan is so deliberate in what he writes...every word is completely intentional.  What’s great is that even performances I may not have crazy about (insane Ben Foster, drunk southerner Jeff Bridges) work great in the context of the script.  

    The shot selection is great.   Several long one shots, slow, deliberate cuts...I love it.  

    A lot of symbolism on the bones of this story.  Poverty, sacrifice, and what it means to be a brother stand out.  Hell or High Water was a very smart film.  More like this!