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  • Trauma



    The comparison to A Serbian Film is an obvious one, as both films use over-the-top shock value to ostensibly tell a parable of the long-term dehumanizing effects of political violence on a country's psyche. But while A Serbian Film made its metaphors more implicit (the title is one of the only clues the film itself gives that it's politically minded at all), Trauma barely even bothers to have a metaphorical level to its story. What you see is what you…

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    Samara Weaving has made a career out of being the best part of mediocre movies, and finally she gets a movie that deserves what she brings to it. It’s so easy for horror/comedy to swing too far one way or other, but this rides that line so deftly, finding a tone that’s somehow the best of both worlds at all times.

  • Polaroid



    The "cursed object causes group of young people to die one by one while the protagonist and her love interest investigate its backstory in the hopes of figuring out how to stop it" genre is a time-honored one, but it's tough to imagine a more rote and toothless version of the story than this one. Generally competent filmmaking surrounding a story that feels almost bored with itself, as though it's self-aware of how tired all its tropes are, but has to finish checking all the boxes to get to the end. Aggressively PG-13. Like, to a distracting extent.